Panoramic images in the carousel of Instagram, or how to publish images mind blowing

¿you Have any panoramic enjoy in the gallery? Take advantage of it to upload it to Instagram thanks to this method, with which you can create images very curious and creative. With this application you’ll be able to to cut a panoramic image into sections and upload each one as a different image with the carousel of Instagram.

InstaWide takes full advantage of the carousel of Instagram

Since Instagram has opened its carousel, have come to light several apps in the Play Store with the to maximize the function. InstaWide, a app that was published just five days, is one of them.

InstaWide adapt the views to the carousel of Instagram

while it is true that the application still is not very well known, works perfectly. Select the image from the gallery internal InstaWide, we select the GRID (which is the size of the grids in which we can divide the panoramic), store the result, and we will have as many images as we have done.

We have a maximum of 10 images, that is the one that sets the own social network. Of course, the minimum is two, so between those figures we can include everything we want. we can Also include a video if you want to, but that would break the view.

Go to the application, we choose to upload images with multiselection (to raise several at the same time, we will), and we choose the images we have created with InstaWide. In this step it is very important to keep the order, otherwise in the carousel of Instagram will not be all good.

This also we can do it with Photoshop, for example (there are other options, but this is the most well-known, in addition to the most complete), but it is clear that InstaWide us offers to do so in a way that we spend much less time and, above all, without the need for knowledge in PS or without having a computer to hand.

WP-Appbox: InstaWide (Free, Google Play) →

The problem of this application is that it does not allow to publish photos directly after creating them, but we have to go through the app official to publish them. However, given that we have to go through Instagram, we can apply filters or any other modification on the image.

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