Panasonic HD10, spectacular high-end headphones

Want to know Panasonic HD10 about spectacular high-end headphones? brands we always used to products who is committed to designing and delivering the latest technology.

So once again the case with new headphone Panasonic HD10 High Resolution , designed to provide intense listening experience premium quality , so will satisfy even the most demanding users.


Building on its expertise in sound, the Japanese manufacturer developed an innovative technology that gives the user more demanding very clear treble, mid and low levels for better sound quality and clarity of each note.

Features Panasonic HD10 headphones

In the following lines you count those Panasonic HD10 headphones

provided by Polymers , elasticity and internal loss of sound of the diaphragm is minimized, ensuring a high frequency reproduction, even 50kHz . So, if the tones of classical music symphonies or robust rekindled hip hop experienced intense, clear and lucid manner.

Moving away from construction and more traditional design Panasonic has chosen a chassis polylactic (PLA) that suppresses resonance of the drive shaft, sending sharp sound waves and receives and an amazing sound quality.

Panasonic-HD10, auriculares de gama alta

In order to ensure comfort and convenience spectacular high-end headphones Panasonic HD10 offer more flexibility, thus adapting to the different needs of users. The Horizontal adjuster can adjust the headband to the head without affecting the position of the pads of the ears.

Technical specifications for Panasonic HD10 headphones spectacular

The Technical specifications for Panasonic HD10 headphones spectacular please see:

Driver unit: 50,0mm

Impedance : 18 Ω

Sensitivity 92 dB / mW

power capacity 1500mW IEC

Frequency: 4Hz – 50kHz

Cable length : Detachable 1.2 m and 3.0 m

Power : Gold-plated 3.5 mm by 6.3 mm plug adapter

Colour Black

Panasonic-HD10, auriculares innovadores

availability and price headphones PANASONIC HD10

still not learned these details, so we will wait to inform that becomes official.

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