Organizes the best invisible friend with these 3 Android applications

One of the activities that can not miss at christmas is the ‘friend, invisible. It is one of the christmas events more exciting and more joins the family and friends, that’s why today we bring you 3 apps to organize the invisible friend at Christmas.

At work, university and with the family the invisible friend is an excellent practice to celebrate at this time of the year. With these applications you can achieve that the organization of this activity is a little different and more fun, away from the paper slips with name.

To use this application you just need to install it and to add to all the participants along with their e-mail address and press send. Each one of the involved you will receive an email with the name of the person to which it corresponds to him to give him.

Has a section to place some rules that we wish to be respected during the activity as well as minimum price or maximum of the gifts, date of the day of delivery, place for the meeting, etc.

Ultimate Invisible Friend

This application is very similar to the previous one but apart from being able to send the results by mail we can also send them by text message, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp, although the latter requires a payment to be able to use it.

Dedoman invisible friend

Something that differentiates this application from others is that we can create groups to avoid pajeras is to give among themselves, or people who have agreed in previous opportunities.

the results of The draw are displayed through an URL that we can share by mail or by any social network. And the app can be used for other occasions such as, for example, to choose who pays for dinner or who is the designated driver.

The invisible friend can be organized without all of the players are in the same site

With these applications we can make the invisible friends despite the distances that may separate us. A good option is to Amazon that does free shipping if you use this coupon, then, summon a meeting Skype and opens the package at the agreed time.

And if you don’t have a good gift, here is a post with the 10 Xiaomi most wanted for Christmas.

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