Opinion: 5 reasons to use Telegram

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there Are many reasons why I like more Telegram than WhatsApp, and basically, this is the purpose of the article, to discover why I have chosen Telegram. The goal, is that you know in an objective way because a user could opt for Telegram if the whole world uses WhatsApp. However, there are factors that could influence that you can’t use Telegram.

we Started with these 5 reasons to use Telegram:


5 reasons to use Telegram

  • Bot Telegram. The bot Telegram is a past. It allows you to be aware of everything as if a conversation is to be treated. There are bots for everything now. Pokémon GO, Election, the weather, the sports… you’ll be able to receive alerts for everything that interests you in the Telegram (daily), as if it were a touch more. You can even create your own bot if you have a web page.
  • gifs and stickers. The nonsense we love to users. Gifs and stickers are fun, you cast a few laughs with your friends because as you can imagine, there is a lot of variety. In the gifs you can filter. Depending on the keyword you put in, you will get some gifs or others. In the case of the stickers, you’ll be able to download the packages that you like and even create your own stickers. It is super fun. There are many popular as Pokémon right now.
  • there are Not so many people as in WhatsApp. The downside of WhatsApp is that, in the use of so many people, not leave you in peace. In Telegram you can breathe a little, because it is not used by so many people and by the way, you speak only with who you want without you to see that you’ve connected to WhatsApp. You already know that you can hide the last connection, but I prefer to have it enabled. It’s ironic this reason, because speaking well of Telegram only get more people to join.
  • Have several photos of profile. One of the things I like most about Telegram is that of having multiple profile pictures. You can add a profile photo several, and the other user will be able to go see them all. You can delete photos from profile old that you don’t like. This functionality is great.
  • Chat secret / self-destruction. This functionality can always be useful and fun. If the tests, you will like it. I do not seem essential or a lot less, but you will not have to use Snapchat for anything.

The major drawback to using Telegram

One of the reasons why people do not use Telegram, it is because around the world uses WhatsApp. And can not afford to install more apps, because you do not have space in the mobile. If you have 8 GB of storage or less, it is difficult for you to install Telegram on your smartphone. Because, surely, you’re just storage and you prefer other apps like Facebook. This is the major drawback.

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