OnePlus start getting OxygenOS 2.1.0 update, to download!

OnePlus 2 frontal

Often when a terminal is released to the market, for certain reasons always comes with some other error or certain details that require an update as soon as possible to be corrected . Regarding OnePlus 2, the so-called flagship killer he had not received any updated, and many users asked for it as soon as possible to significantly improve the user experience.

The day has come, and from official forums OnePlus confirm deployment of the first OTA update will bring numerous fixes and some new features with it.

OnePlus 2 and OxygenOS updated to version 2.1.0

Clearly they not mention that are terminated, as there is more to come , but from the moment its users enjoy a more stable and with some new features to enhance the same experience.

  • New manual mode for photo enthusiasts, allowing multiple values ​​set
  • Support for files .RAW dedicated to enable third party applications that allow
  • New slider to adjust the color tone of the screen, from cold to warm
  • Exchange support including
  • Solved some problems with popular third party applications
  • Improvements in the activation and deactivation of airplane mode

The deployment has been launched today as soon as possible to get much of the community having OxygenOS that from now be updated to version 2.1.0 with news and corrections mentioned here. However, they warn that we have patience, because tomorrow is the appointed day in which he will reach most of the users and not further delay the required update for all OnePlus 2.

OnePlus 2 trasera mesa

Interestingly users, very grateful of course, require the ability to download the .zip file the update to be performed manually in case of device I rooted or similar . Hopefully soon also release him.

Now we just wait for confirmation of the day when the purchase OnePlus allow uninvited for an hour and well all ye may make you a copy . And if not, there will be slightly more expensive to use alternative but expected nor any invitation.

And you do you think? Head over OnePlus start getting OxygenOS 2.1.0 update, to download! . to make your mark

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  • OnePlus start getting OxygenOS 2.1.0 update, downloading!
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