OnePlus 4: Rumors

OnePlus 4 rumores

Whenever you get a OnePlus seems that we already have rumors of the next. Does anything we tell you all what is new in OnePlus 3, even you can buy now for 399 euros. And we already know some rumors of how will the new OnePlus 4. We know that it will be very powerful, that you will have an amazing price and… one more thing that you need to know, because they have to surprise us.

Expect a OnePlus 4 high-end. This OnePlus 4 will be a beast not only in power, but also in cameras, resolution and will come with many secrets. We could have a, curved screen, dual camera and a finger sensor built into the display. Also 128 or 256 GB of storage. modules that are so fashionable they could come built in, this would give you many more options and the prices are unbeatable.

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OnePlus 4: Specifications and features (rumors)

  • 5.5-inch Display. Resolution Quad HD.
  • Snapdragon 830.
  • 6 GB of RAM (what variant of 8 GB of RAM?).
  • 64 or 128 GB of internal storage (what does the 256 GB variant?).
  • the back Camera 21 or 23 MP.
  • Front 8 MP.
  • Battery-minimum 3.000 mAh.
  • Other: finger sensor integrated, and many surprises.

we Hope that everything will be better, because every year we have better specifications. We can repeat with 5.5 inches, but we want a better resolution, a better screen. Snapdragon 830 and perhaps 6 or 8 GB of RAM. Would not be bad either enjoy 128 GB of internal storage. We expect good cameras also, 21 or 23 MP rear would not be bad, with OIS and a good sensor. Plenty of light and little noise.

  • is dual Camera? Could be an option. It would not be bad that OnePlus would integrate a dual camera in OnePlus 4. This technology seems to be finding fertile ground in the market.
  • fingerprint Sensor integrated in the display.
  • curved Screen. Another possibility.
  • why Modules? Now that you are so on-trend we may see modules in OnePlus 4.

would Not be bad to have a dual camera, a finger sensor built-in, curved screen and modules. Pure innovation for this OnePlus 4.

what Price and launch of OnePlus 4?

the launch of The OnePlus 4 is expected to may-June 2017.

The price of a new OnePlus 4, on the other hand, could from 419 euros. why this price? Because over the years the price has gone up. We have seen the variant of OnePlus One 64 GB for $ 349, and then the variant of OnePlus 2 64 GB came out to 389$. In the case of the OnePlus 3, without variant, we speak of 399 euros, which could rise by a few euros, for example up to 419 or 429 euros. A good price also because it will be a machine.

What are you waiting for this OnePlus 4?

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