OnePlus 2 updates to Marshmallow (official)

OnePlus 2

Good news for users who have a OnePlus 2, because Marshmallow is already official. users have long been waiting for this day, because it is a terminal of high range and Marshmallow came out 5 months ago, so he deserved this dose of improvements. In addition, since a long time ago that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is stable, so that the management of permissions, Doze, and much more, will be part of OnePlus 2 after the update. You know all the data.

OnePlus 2 gets Marshmallow (official)

through the official forum of OnePlus, we have found that Marshmallow is now available for OnePlus 2. Is an update based on Oxygen OS 3.0, is a beta and may have bugs, but very soon we will have a stable version, so that we can install the ROM that either would happen. It is a public beta, the full version I don’t think that long to arrive via OTA, that is to say, automatically.

Android Marshmallow

News update

  • New Interface of the camera / fund screen / launcher.
  • Ambient Display (find out how to enable Ambient Display).
  • Support for fingerprint reader.
  • Better performance, more fluid.
  • Optimization of the battery with Doze.
  • Management of permissions.
  • Now on Tap.

there Are many innovations that you will discover in this Marshmallow for the OnePlus 2, if you are eager to try it even though it is a beta I recommend you to upgrade it, because soon you will arrive in a stable manner. And the advantages are many, the performance is almost double.

How do I install the ROM?

In only 3 steps:

  • If you don’t want to lose anything (wipe data), we should be in a release of Oxygen previously with recovery stock. If you prefer to do a clean installation, you’ll need to enter the recovery > wipe data, as always.
  • Download the ROM and save it on the device (then you’ll have to select it from the recovery).
  • Enters into recovery > wipe cache and wipe dalvik install the ROM (you’ll have to choose from among the files). You can enter by pressing the volume keys + power, or by terminal.

are you Going to install because the ROM or you prefer to wait for it to come via OTA? Since I advance that is a public beta and it may have some bug, but as of now the community seems to be happy.

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