One study claims that the rapid charging accelerates the degradation of the battery over time

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2

Although with the passage of time the batteries seem to increase capacity and items used more efficiently autonomy, discussions are constantly and often try multiple ways on how to save battery life on Android by all such adjustments, methods and even applications.

Nevertheless, an partial solution to the rapid discharge of the batteries is to implement fast charging and video demonstrate its effectiveness against conventional chargers, but like any other has its explanation.

Fast charging is a technology that works by the charger itself and a specific function implemented in the processor, so that the terminal itself gets more voltage and reduces the time plugged in.

degradation, an inevitable factor

Although at first glance seems very useful has its disadvantages, so even that has done a study published on Reddit where mentioned with great detail the negative impact it has on the battery further the lifetime thereof long term.

In research there have been tests that have exposed various batteries 25 cycles of charge and full discharge to observe and get an assessment of the changes and the impact not only on a model, if not many of them.

Once Results present, have appreciated that during fast charging some atoms of manganese and nickel are separated from the crystal structure in it inside the batteries, leading to a holes in the electrodes 0 1mm in diameter .

What? because the damaged unusable areas in the following loads you need to perform any terminal at one time or another and disempower and do not store more energy.

Moreover, the author says it all off, the fast charge lithium ion batteries overheating make , and therefore generates more degradation on them.

Should I continue using or better without it?

At this point we are faced with various issues concerning the problems caused by rapid charging terminals including many today.

One is whether it is right to continue not using or turbocharger or technology implemented in the processor of your terminal. Seeing the results and generating degradation would be advisable without them and use a conventional charger , so try to avoid long-term problems and not create more.

Although not a certain or confirmed science, much is mentioned avoid complete discharge battery terminal, instead opting for point loads at certain times, as could be out 60 % to 80%, for example.

BaterĂ­a baja

Never, ever use generic or universal chargers acquired in any setting, we highly recommend using the indicated and addressed to the terminal itself with its own model, or at least the same manufacturer .

The same is true if you own a terminal rear cover and removable battery, do not settle for generic and suitable batteries to the make and model of your terminal, but its price is higher is beneficial even for own use indicated by the manufacturer.

If the damage is done and discharged easily, you might consider acquire a new and since its inception forget the fast charge because the study is not advisable and therefore you we do get to you all, to prevent long-term damage.

What do you think of all this? Will you continue using fast charging?

And you do you think? Head over study says fast charging accelerates the degradation of the battery over time to make your mark.

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