Officially confirmed: Nokia will return with Android smartphones in 2016

Nokia XL trasera

As stated in G for Games, President of Nokia China, Mike Wang has revealed that future plans of the company passed to return to the market smartphones Android in 2016 . This is just confirmation of the rumors that have been blaring in recent days.

As many of you know, one of the parties to the agreement for the sale of its mobile division reached with Microsoft in 2013, limited the power to act on their own Finnish company, to the point that no it could be sold smartphones under his signature for a while . But this clause ends in 2016, Nokia will not let time pass to return with force to a market plagued rival, but where you have to ship or yes, if you want to remain having a name in the mobile market.

According to the source Nokia will use its factories in Sichuan to manufacture their smartphones , and also the world headquarters of R & D of the firm will also be located in this Chinese city. Over a year still to see Nokia’s first Android phone after his return, as far as we know, contract with Microsoft not come to an end until the third quarter of next year . However, the company may, if desired, begin developing their devices before that, to have some of them ready by the time they can sell them.

It will be interesting then to see how Nokia surprises us this time although here, hopefully have nothing to do with the Nokia X and other family presenting us at MWC 2014, and did not have any success. We think, therefore, that go far from funny things and present quality devices True to its great history in the mobile sector .

What do you expect from Nokia in his new adventure in the business of smartphones?

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  • officially Confirmed: Nokia will return with Android smartphones in 2016
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