Now you can take your emoji favorite on Emojipedia

Adopta un emoji por 6 mil dólares

The emojis we love, and are without doubt the key of the social networks. They are perfect to express different situations or emotions, so many users are the best way to express themselves, especially for those who don’t have as much ease of word or simply prefer to end before writing a message. can You imagine adopting an emoji? From, allow us to do so.

Adopts an emoji for 6 thousand dollars

If you want to take on an emoji (something that sounds like madness) you can do it. The downside is that the price is another more madness, nothing more and nothing less than us $ 6,000 as we can see through the form below, but be careful, because we could get a discount coupon to maybe save something:

publicidad emojipedia 6000 dolares

adoption a year long, and the price is this that ye have $ 6,000 approximately. This helps the guys from Emojipedia to not have ads, which we all benefit. If you want to take on an emoji, simply enter this link to do so. Eye, Emojipedia could deny your request.

If we look at the price per month does not seem much, but even so, the minimal condition is a year, and is ideal for the users that want to give you a final leap to your project.

Place your name, message and URL

it Is clear that this action could be of great interest to users who have that money and looking for sponsor in a large portal. For this price, for a website that receives between 130 and mil 240 million visits per year, could to place the sponsor’s name, a message and the URL to the website.

Estafa emojis WhatsApp

how would you Pay this price for your emoji? Remember that this page has many visits each day, so that many users could know about your website or product through these guys from Emojipedia. Take advantage of the comments to tell us how far you would be willing to go, and of course what is your emoji favorite, which adoptarías.

A story that leaves us impressed, without a doubt.

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