Now you can download the NBA 2K19 for Android

The season 2018/2019 of the NBA has begun, and as happens every year, the developer 2K releases their version of NBA 2K for Android and iOS. NBA 2K19 came to the Google Play Store with lots of bells and whistles, albeit with a few missing with respect to the version for iOS.

Leaving aside technical problems with the that premiered, including serious drawbacks in its gameplay, the new installment of the saga NBA 2K for Android deserves the attention of basketball fans.

what’s New in NBA 2K19 for Android

despite the fact that it does not include many novelties with respect to the previous version, you can see a new game mode. The same comes under the name of “History” and what that will allow you to be experience the history of one of the players and most famous teams in the NBA.

mode “My Career” returns with some new features but with the same essence that in NBA 2K18. You can see a new story and improved the interaction that users have with the computer.

Also has changed the music within the game. Now, a new soundtrack will accompany you on your journey towards the top of the NBA. The soundtrack is the most varied we’ve seen in years.

it is Not all good news

we Can start by saying that the first bad news that brings us this game is that it is payment. Although this is already knew since it was quite, because all the editions of NBA 2K for Android were paid, would be more than good that ever cease download the title for free.

Another point that affects the gameplay is if the graphics quality. Some users claim that the game on iOS looks better, something that we have been able to verify. Hopefully this is a simple mistake and that the developers release an update to improve textures.

And last, but not least, NBA 2K19 for Android does not provide support for commanders. This probably will resolve with the passage of days, but for now can not be used as a controller to play.

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