Now you can download Google Assistant on any Android

we finally have available Google Assistant on any Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat. Before we could install it, but had to be rooteando the device and following a series of steps. Now we can do it without any complication, from the Play Store.

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Google Assistant had many limitations upon exit: so was only available for devices of Google and within them, nor were all within the compatibility list. For if that were not enough, it only works with the English language and the German (yes, they stopped the Spanish, one of the most spoken languages, out of the list).


The first problem has already been solved, but the second one looks like a going for long, if Google does not load the project before then, as is very common. We are already coming to Google I/O, so that almost a year has passed since its launch (in particular, was launched in may of 2016, so I have already spent 10 months).

Download Google Assistant on any Android

We have to wait until we get the update, so you can not cause in any way. For now, there is a series of chosen countries and they will have priority. On the other hand, we can also go to any market alternative and us with him when he is available (still isn’t).

WP-Appbox: Google Allo (Free, Google Play) →

For the moment we have Google Allo, although I remind you that is in English and does not bring the functionality of Google Assistant, although that brings us to a very similar (not through voice, but through commands).

Of time we will have to make do with Google Now, although it has disappeared as launcher, we can still continue to use it as a wizard. You do not have even 10% of the power that has GAssistant, because this other is an Artificial Intelligence, but at least it is available in Spanish. As always, the hispanics are in the background in the eyes of Google, because this is not the first time.

This news comes from the hand of another, detailing that the LG G6, the flagship, recently presented at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, will come with Google Assistant serial (again, only in English and in German). Google is making efforts to reach agreements with brands for the service to be extended, as we can see.

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