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As you know, Now on Tap is a functionality that has come with Marshmallow and that allows us to search for information about restaurants, actors, among others, with just one push of the start button. But this does not end here, because Now on Tap aims to become the successor of Goggles, with the image recognition. Now Now on Tap recognizes images.

Good news for lovers Now on Tap, because now not only you will recognize the restaurants, artists, or places that we are trying in different conversations, but also photos. You can get idea of what it is capable of in the next photo, which has no waste whatsoever, and which shares Google with us on his blog:

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Recognizes images with Now on Tap

How do we do this? The same thing that we did until now, but with an image. We’ll just have to open an image, and hold down on the Home button. In this way, we will obtain information about the image in question that we are seeing on the screen. This will work if Google recognizes it.

it Is very convenient because Now on Tap is able to obtain information from any image that is displayed on the screen, from any app and even the camera. So that we may to recognize images that we want, and from now on, Now on Tap, and of all sorts: objects, books, magazines, sights, etc

Recognizes images in real time from the camera

we may Also for recognition of images in real time without having to take a photo. That is to say, by pointing the phone’s camera into a site, if we maintain hold on the Home button, tell us what place it is. Which is amazing to get information about any place in real time, and any image that we have on our terminal. Everything will be possible.

What do you think of the new Now on Tap? Are you happy?

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