Now Microsoft Translator allows you to speak with up to 100 people in other languages

Microsoft Translator Android

it is increasingly important to learn language and master at least the basic words, but as is normal we cannot know them all and therefore we have to resort to tools that are at our disposal.

In recent years, the use of the translator has increased due to the increase of the globalization. Since last year we have the possibility of to call using the famous Skype application with someone who speaks another language without any problems, thanks to Skype Translator.

Today we come with a Microsoft service that is available in operating systems such as Android / iOS. A tool called Microsoft Translator is updated with the latest news that will help to communicate with many people simultaneously, regardless of the language.

will be able to speak in another language with up to 100 people at once

the new function of The application allows you to connect up to 100 different users in the same local group to be able to communicate without any problem, since the translation will be in real time, and therefore, when a user speaks using the application, the rest receive a instant translation each one in their own language.


The update of the application opens many doors for the use of this type of services, because Microsoft has designed a series of scenarios where it might be useful as for example a tourist guide to inform your group of tourists, or also in international meetings where you can communicate by using this service and each representative to communicate with their language.

In any case, the application is designed to replace the work of a translator in person, or much less, since a language is not composed only of words but also contains social references, sayings, etc., But without doubt we are faced with a tool truly useful for people who like to travel, or even to communicate with friends made abroad.

The news has been accompanied by the video that you have above and which shows us the idea so interesting that it is. The new function already you can try both on Android, iOS, as well as in the web version.

Microsoft Translator | Google Play (Free)

What do you think of this new feature? Do you use the translator often?

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