Now, Instagram notifies you when someone takes screenshots

it Is impressive to see how Instagram has evolved so much with time. Because recently, has come an update to this application, and has brought with it one of the most interesting new developments, and are the notifications screenshots.

Yes, now when someone takes a screenshot on Instagram, it shall notify can be uncomfortable for the users to use Instagram now? below, we’ll talk all about the topic.

How notifications work catches on Instagram?

instagram capturas de pantalla

There are many people wondering about this, so that we will clarify many doubts. Only notifies when you make catches only by direct (private messages). That is to say, that all that we catch by private messages in Instagram, you will be notified to the person.

The only thing that you are not notified, are screenshots of the messages texts sent, and stories. Only content such as photo gallery, videos, facts on Instagram, and stories that are sent through direct message, you will be notified.

notifications come one of two ways, through the direct message of the person as a “screen capture”. And also in the notification bar, as, “he has done a screen capture of the photo that you have sent”.

¿there Will be notifications of catches in the stories?

it Can be a little confusing to understand because they have not implemented this function. But some say that gradually developing this novelty, and that possibly we will see notifications of screenshots in the stories in the future. For now, we can only wait to see what are the decisions of Instagram.

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