Nokia prepares to become the Xiaomi of the west

Nokia has unveiled its first Android-powered mobile official very recently. Yes, it makes a time that Nokia has confirmed that it would launch Android phones on the market and it is certain that it was only a matter of time that they should make or submit any of them officially.

The first Nokia 6 with Android now official, yes, it has been presented and although we do not know if will come to Europe or the West, we can intuit the steps that will Nokia in their upcoming releases. The idea of Nokia is look at a company such as Xiaomi and to launch mobile phones with really good features at very low prices but with an important difference, Nokia yes will launch mobile phones in Europe and the united States.


what Will be Nokia, Xiaomi in the west?

The reality is that Nokia will have to employ a similar strategy but in terms of its mobile division. To say that Nokia will be the Xiaomi of the west would mean that Nokia should launch all kinds of products in addition to mobile (which is something that neither have been ruled out but that is not achieved from one moment to another).

Obviously sell in Europe and the united States assumed legalize their products and that means pay for patents and royalties that Xiaomi does not pay his models sold from China. Yes, this is the main difference that will make the difference, that the prices of Nokia will be a bit higher than Xiaomi’s because you’re going to pay for the licence and is going to do things legally.

seems to Us to be a company that should be inspired, but don’t know if we will be able to lose money

What we don’t know is if Nokia includes to follow the strategy of Xiaomi and not to win hardly any money with their mobile division. We do know that Nokia needs to adjust a lot of their profit margin (or even leave it on the floor) if you want to highlight, but do not know to what extent they will be able to do so.

For the moment, the first Nokia with Android is going the way of Xiaomi, adjusts the price and in exchange it offers a camera, screen and design is very good, own of mobile of first level. Will have to see if the Nokia 6 works so well, how we expect and how is the personalization layer which leads but has a very good pint.

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