Nokia launches public beta of HERE, download it and test their innovations!

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By now we all know the rivalry of the three giants to seize the throne best mobile OS . Coincidentally, so does but with some application. We’re talking about HERE Maps , which has become stronger than ever to major application stores to compete with both Google Maps and Apple Maps.

The application now goes by the name of HERE , and brings with it a host of new features and interface changes that add a lot of potential and clearly positioned as one of the best exponents in terms of maps for devices mobile.

HERE back with a lot of momentum

The appearance of the new map application is created by Nokia public beta , which allow the company to re-register usage data for all weaknesses and to correct errors in HERE as soon as possible.

Possibly his greatest strength is the ability to download quickly and easily maps for later use without any connection . Even these record our favorite addresses and use navigation to pinpoint our location terminal.

However, one of the innovations that we can enjoy from this moment is your new context menu . Only at any point on the map, if you perform a long press the new menu, which will show various buttons to display address information, share this place, get the address and start the journey be deployed in multiple transportation to the chosen point.

How do I download the application?

is very simple, you must first join the group HERE Beta Program by pressing the top button in blue specifying “ Join the group “. After being a member of the group you can HERE and become a tester by pressing the button and you will access to public beta . Finally something we are well accustomed: Download the app from Google Play HERE so free without any extra requirement


All information, videos, news and more you will find it at the following link, where even featured a help section in case you can not install the application.

Nokia | Public Beta HERE

There, you have it in your terminal? It’s simple and opens a world of possibilities! [1.99905 million]

And you do you think? Drop by Nokia launches public beta of HERE, download it and test their innovations! to leave your mark.

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