Nokia becomes officially, of the hand of the HMD

we All knew that Nokia to launch Android phones soon (2016 or 2017), but until now we did not have an official confirmation on the part of the company. Yes, the time has come, Nokia has signed a pact with HMD Global will use the name of Nokia to launch new smartphones with Android.

HMD has announced, officially, that account with the rights of Nokia for 10 years and shall be exclusive. This means that HMD will return you to the life of a generation of smartphones dedicated to the consumer. The company’s HMD is Global formed by ex-workers of Nokia.


How will the Nokia manufactured by HMD Global?

The announcement was made 6 months after publishing the license agreement with Nokia. HMD has developed a partnership model that will work in conjunction with other companies such as FIH Mobile Limited, the own Nokia, and even the very Google. Yes, Nokia will use the operating system most used in the world, available in 86% of phones in the world.

Of time HMD has not given details of the future Nokia but it says that it will launch devices with a good quality, forged on the basis of the experience of large companies, and with a good reliability and robustness, nothing of chinese mobile cheap.

Nokia still has a lot of prestige in emerging markets

The mobile Nokia will be manufactured by FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn has already manufactured some of the Lumia from Microsoft. From HMD advertise that they are very happy with the idea of taking back the brand Nokia, mobile that have been concerning for over a decade. The reality is that the brand Nokia should return to the market and has to go back in a serious way, taking up what has been in its time, a benchmark.

Nokia still has a lot prestige as a brand in the market, especially in emerging markets and in people over 20 years, I have had a Nokia of great quality and not to mention the famous Nokia N97 that I had a camera awesome for the time. My N73 was the best thing that I had in their day, were advanced mobile that worked really well and which could be improve thanks to Symbian. can be Released now the Nokia that you need? How will any of the that have been filtered?

Source | Android Central

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