Nokia 6 vs iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge, do you know the differences?

The guys at Nokia want to make it clear that they have come to stay, but how good is the Nokia 6? Today we bring you a fun comparison between Nokia 6 vs iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge, to know the main differences. Already in his day we talk about iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge, so if you want to know what are the differences with the new Nokia, you can’t miss it.

we Cannot overlook the fact that the Nokia 6 it is a tremendous mid-range which is priceless, by 230 euros is a great bet that could make you live a good experience with Android. So if you want to how it behaves this device with respect to the high-end in Android and iPhone, today we face it with the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7.


Comparison: Nokia 6 vs iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge

If you want to enjoy a delicious comparison between these big three, don’t miss it.

All have 5.5-inch screen

On the screen there is no doubt that is worth because all of them have 5.5 inches of screen, if you want less or more you’ll have to go to other terminals. In terms of the resolution, Nokia 6 and iPhone 7 have a resolution of 1080 x 1920, however Galaxy S7 jumps to 1440 x 2560 pixels. This is the first difference that we find. The second, is that the first two put IPS LCD panel, while Samsung saw its ship with AMOLED.

In the chambers we enter doubt

Taking into account that Nokia 6 has 16 MP camera, it may seem better than iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 with 12 MP camera. However, the opening for the Nokia 6 is of f/2.0, while the iPhone 7 is f/1.8 and Galaxy S7 f/1.7, any of these last two have the best camera of the moment. We also stress that Nokia 6 comes with dual LED flash, Galaxy S7 LED and iPhone 7 Quad LED.


The front 8 MP, 5 MP and 7 MP, respectively, for Nokia, Samsung and Apple. And if, with Nokia 6, you can also capture 1080p. With either you’ll be able to take good photos, but the models of Samsung and Apple are higher in this section.

In power (here comes the hour of truth)

Here are no values to fool us, since Nokia for Nokia 6 a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 8937 8 cores and Adreno 505 with 4 GB of RAM, it is not bad but the processor is quite modest. Accompanied with 64 Gb of storage and microSD. Apple stands out in power with his A10 for the iPhone 7 and 3 GB of RAM with 256 GB of internal storage. Galaxy S7 Edge bet by a powerful Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890 with 4 GB of RAM and microSD to squeeze out the storage.

On the ground of the power comes from on with Nokia 6, that’s for sure, but if you want more, you can go to a top-of-range.


Battery (touch get serious)

On issues of battery, taking into account that both have the same screen size and different resolutions. We have 3.000 mAh for Nokia 6, 2.900 iPhone 7 and 3,600 for Galaxy S7 Edge. Within which it is matched, the thing. Battery for a day without problems.


If we take into account the prices and the differences that exist between these terminals, it seems there is to go head-to Nokia 6. Because it has a price of 230 euros, while the other, about 769 euros for the iPhone 7 and 699 euro for Galaxy S7, which will offer you can find it for 500, have fallen in price for taking already almost a year on the market. The price itself that is the drop that fills the glass, so that it no longer takes you to climb on the following smartphones of Nokia.

operating System

In operating the Nokia 6 already comes with Android 7.0 Nougat series, so if you want to enjoy it you just have to buy it. iPhone 7 with iOS 10 and Galaxy S7 with Marshmallow but it already has Nougat in tests for the more daring.

Other aspects

water Resistance is not confirmed by Nokia (yes for others). All with finger sensor. More than enough since then, you will not have many shortcomings buying the Nokia 6 despite the large price difference.

These terminals are all manufactured in aluminum and have characteristics that do not have waste. What is certain is that are really similar to that the price difference is so high, . What’s your favourite? Might be a good time to give a chance to Nokia, because the price is incredibly low.

If you think that the Nokia 6 is for you, look at the following video

¡¡we Hope you enjoyed the comparison!!

What would you buy on price-quality relationship? What is true is that if you are looking for a top of the range Android, the Galaxy S7 is your best option. Or you can also wait for the new Galaxy S8. If you want something cheaper, Nokia 6 it is a great alternative with Android. The best you’ll find to a price that is truly ridiculous. What will work with this device?

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