No, the Galaxy Note 7 will not bend

note 7 se dobla

We love the resistance tests on the smartphones, because they allow us to see if the mobile that we buy it is very resistant to scratches, bumps, drops, or if it bends. Although we already showed you the Note 7 in a test of endurance (or rather a hard test of falls), now we want to tell if the Galaxy Note 7 folds, if it suffers from the problem of bendgate.

does Galaxy Note 7 is folded? we’re Not going to stay more time with the intrigue. It’s good news, because there, the Galaxy Note 7 will not bend. You do not have these problems. So that you can stay more quiet. If you don’t believe me, I advise you to watch the following video that I think will surprise you a lot:

Galaxy Note 7 will not bend at all

In the above video that lasts about 5 minutes, we can see a Note 7 that faces many tests of different resistance: scratch, fire… but also, bendgate. you try to bend the Galaxy Note 7 although with little success, because no doubles. Good news for users who have bought or going to buy, because you will not have problems of this type.

it May seem silly, but it would be a pretty serious problem if buckling because if you put it in your pocket and you sit down with the could even partirte. You need to be very careful with this. But as we’ll see in the video, though the guy tries to bend it with all your forces don’t get it.

This Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not bend. You do not have issues of bendgate and is a great bet to get you to buy now. Here we tell you how you can purchase the Galaxy Note 7.

Care to spend trying to bend it

however, you already know that this bendgate is relative. The Nexus 6P supposedly bends like clay and I that the one I have seems to be super durable, but I don’t want to do the test is not going to stay without a mobile phone… so that your do the same thing. If you buy the Note 7, don’t try to bend it as if the world ends, because you never know what might happen…

did You like the test? Do you think that it is impossible to bend?

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