Nintendo Switch, the new console that is both portable and desktop at the same time

nintendo-switch-modulo-dockAfter months and months of rumors, names and renders, Nintendo at the end has presented us his main dish that will catapult you back to the market of the consoles: the Nintendo Switch.

By surprise to everyone, the new console is called Nintendo NX, but Nintendo Switch, in Spanish, “change”, since this is the first console hybrid of nintendo.

So is the new console hybrid of Nintendo

indeed, Nintendo has shown us today the Nintendo Switch, a console and laptop at the same time, that is to say, we can play with it connected to the tv, or from your own screen, when and where it is. Hence the name hybrid.

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Specifically, is formed by two parts, the Nintendo Switch Console and the Nintendo Switch Dock. The first could be seen as a kind of tablet, with two controls called Joy-With removable on both side and with a bracket on the back that will allow you to stay right.

This, to be adapted to Switch Dock (no cables), can be used through its command a conventional, so-called Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and from our tv. This introduction and extraction of the console at its base is made quick and easy with only adapt these small knobs Joy-With.

nintendo-switch-partesfinally, there is another kind of control over, called Joy-With Grip, which is also compatible with Joy-With and is square in shape, that along with the other controls, it seems a bit awkward, although it’s still early to draw any conclusion.

In fact, is estimated to launch in march 2017, but was unaware of all his price, a factor that will eventually determine the success of this new and long-awaited console. Performance and features are still little known, although NVIDIA has confirmed that incorporates your processor (Tegra?) within.

What do you think of this Nintendo Switch? Do you think that triumfará?

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