Niantic puts an end to the traps of the trainers in Pokémon Go

Niantic already takes a few weeks doing quite a few ads. The company never ceases to amaze with all the news related to Pokémon Go. One of their biggest headaches are the traps that many coaches make. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that they were going to put an end to such traps. Even though it was a announcement, many were missing some more specific measures surtieran most immediate effect. It seems that Niantic also has seen him as well and announce major changes.

More news the company that seeks to introduce improvements in the experience of the users. Have already done so recently with discount codes, and now with the order of the traps of the coaches.

What makes Niantic with cheats?

Niantic has been doing tests with different methods to penalize the users who cheat. One of them, as proven this weekend, it was the ban/eject temporarily to those coaches who cheat. No one knew if it was going to be a definite thing, or just a test by the creators of Pokémon Go. Now, there are more data about this new practice.

Many users reported to have suffered from such temporary removal of the game. Channels followers official have finally confirmed that it is a real measure, and that the company will continue to carry out. Now, every time a coach to capture a Pokémon of a dubiously, will be penalized. The penalty is to be temporarily ejected from the game. He has not mentioned anything in the case of those users who commit the same act in more than one occasion.

we Know that Niantic is working very hard to end cheats Pokémon Go. Have gone very fast to the action, after announcing a few weeks ago their plans. Therefore, it is almost sure that soon we will see new actions on the part of the company. There are those that say that they have taken very seriously what we finish with players cheats. What do you think these measures of Niantic? Have you been one of those affected?

Source | BGR

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