Nexus 6P: Problems and solutions

Nexus 6P: Problemas y soluciones

The Nexus 6P has already been purchased by many users, so that we know the various problems and their possible solutions, so as to prevent our Nexus 6S are damaged. It is clear that the Huawei Nexus 6S have not come out too good, because the users have experienced several problems. You have, in addition to how to solve them, or rather to avoid them:

Nexus 6P: Problems and solutions

What problem would you say you have your Nexus 6S? What is certain is that when we saw him for the first time it seemed perfect, but little by little we have been revealing problems that we do not like even a hair. See below, sure that any sounds:

Nexus 6P doubles as clay

The Nexus 6P doubles as clay with only bend it a little, and so what we can see in the video above without cheating or cardboard. The protagonist of the video he confesses that even a small child could bend it, which is a problem because it seems the terminal is more sensitive and more prone to warp as we know it.

So if you have a Nexus 6P or you plan to buy it, much care to carry it in your pocket, and don’t try to bend it, because in a few seconds you’ll have completely destroyed.

The crystal of the Nexus 6P breaks

One of the most features of the Nexus 6S is the rear glass. We are faced with a design really premium in this Huawei Nexus 6S, but to make matters worse, many users of Reddit have told us that the glass breaks for no reason and without take a hit, in a normal use of carry it in your pocket or put it on the table.

cristal nexus 6p rompe

it Is clear that we are facing a huge problem, that Google still has not told us anything but it’s serious. We assume, that if it is due to a normal use of the mobile without stroke, Google would know and we would proceed to the replacement on the other. Our advice is to use it with care, at least until we know something more of why cracking the glass back of the Nexus 6S.

Circulate cases for Nexus 6S that will not serve

Other problems (through no fault of the Nexus 6P) that we have experienced throughout this time, is that there are many cases for the Nexus 6P circulating on the Internet that are poorly made, so if you buy the wrong we by blocking the auto-focus laser – that is located in the back next to the camera.

How can we distinguish them? Must be the sensor, as we see in the following image:

Carcasas para Nexus 6P bloquean el enfoque automático

make Sure before you buy your casing for Nexus 6P (if not official), or if you have any questions you can ask, but remember that must be freed that sensor.

Example of case failed to Nexus 6S

carcasa erronea nexus 6p

Example of cover correct for Nexus 6S

carcasa correcta nexus 6p

This cover is official, but there are many non-officers who serve, the only thing that we need is that the sensor is free and not covered. So don’t worry, because you’ll be able to buy a suitable housing for Nexus 6P without it having to be official.

can I lock the bootloader on Nexus 6S?

Because you have been told what happens if we block the bootloader of the Nexus 6S, and the news is not good because this process can not be reversed. Is this the end of the root?

As we have read in Reddit, Nexus 6S QFuse, a feature of Qualcomm, which if changed, would change permanently and could not be reversed. That is to say, if you unlock the bootloader of Nexus 6S we could not re-lock, which implies lose the warranty of the Nexus 6S to always.

The solution or rather the council in the face of this, it is do not do it or wait for unlock the Bootloader at least until you have more information about it. But yes we are faced with a complicated issue, since in the majority of smartphones we can unlock and re-lock the bootaloder whenever we want, in order to regain again the warranty.

Repair the Nexus 6S it is also difficult to

For now it seems that we have more problems with the Nexus 6S, despite the fact that to disassemble and repair the Nexus 6P is very difficult, so that they could continue giving us problems equally, even though this takes care of Google with your great replacement policy.

Nexus 6P: Problemas y soluciones

we will Update when we receive new issues of the Nexus 6S, for now there are not a few, but they are not too serious within what it should be if we take care of the mobile. However, the glass back yes we are concerned about.

What do you think about these problems and solutions of Nexus 6S? we Hope to serve you.

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