Nexus 5X for 429 euros in the Google Store

Nexus 5X por 429 euros en la Google Store

Nexus 5X does not sell. How is it going to be sell units of the Nexus 5X in Spain on the basis of the 479 euros? It was clear, that sooner or later he would end up coming down in price, I did not expect, is that it did only 3 months after its appearance on the Google Store. The Nexus 5 has come down in price, and nothing more and nothing less than 50 euros. Now we can buy it from 429 euros in the official store.

Nexus 5X price drop, now starts from 429 euros

The Google Store is not for sales, or yes, even only for the Nexus 5X. We’ve taken a look at the Huawei Nexus 6S to see if we were lucky, but still starting from 649 euros as at its beginning.

however, who has surprised us is the LG Nexus 5X, which has dropped in just 3 months of 479 euros from the premises until the 429 euros. We are faced with a substantial discount of 50 euros, taking into account that it takes very little in the market.

Nexus 5X por 429 euros en la Google Store

The price is much more tempting, given its characteristics. It never ceases to be a medium to high range, which is very good by Android Pure or by being a Nexus, and with all the guarantees of the guys from Google. It has everything, though, as only fault the price, which now happens to be a bit more accessible.

Nexus 5X still must go down more

If the Nexus 5 cost a little less, sure that things would go better to Google with this bet. But we’re not going to be greedy. This terminal is already is down 50 euros in a short time, so that we could again lose another 50 in another 3 months. And this leaves us with a data very well, and that is that if now costs from 429 euros in the Google Store, it is possible that what we see in stores like Amazon for under 400 euros. It is a matter of time to see it.

Nexus 5X now part of the 429 euros for the 16 GB version, and the 479 euros for the 32 GB in the Google Store. Prices much more accessible to the user Nexus, which has always sought the best thing in a relationship the quality-price of the market and with Android Pure.

A great day for Google fans. Take advantage to buy your Nexus 5X, we do not believe that is going to deplete, but you never know. What do you think of the offer? What is wrong Google with the launch price and being rectified? Nexus 5X for 429 euros in the Google Store, is a great price.

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