New MacBook Air vs Xiaomi Mi Air: what is the best portable 2018?

Both the MacBook Air as the Xiaomi MI Air, are two laptops with everything that needs a user in this 2018. However, when you put them face to face they can appreciate certain differences between their specifications. Today you’ll see a comparison of the new MacBook Air vs Xiaomi Mi Air, just so you’ll be able to determine which of the two laptops suits you best.

below you’ll get face-to-face to the two laptops of the moment: MacBook Air and Xiaomi Mi Air. You’re about to see a battle between two computers today and with plenty of power. If you wanted to know what is the best, then you’ve come to the right place.

Features of MacBook Air

  • Retina Display 13.3 inches
  • Memory RAM 8gb
  • internal Storage 128 GB
  • Thickness 15 millimeters
  • Keyboard butterfly third generation
  • Touch ID
  • Processor Intel dual-core i5 with support up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Two USB ports-C

Features of Xiaomi Mi Air

  • Screen of 13.3-inch with resolution 1.920 x 1.080 p (Full HD)
  • Processor Intel Core I5
  • Memory RAM 8 GB
  • 256 GB storage internal
  • Battery length 9.5 hours
  • Two USB ports-C
  • Windows operating System 10

you can’t cover the sun with a finger, the Xiaomi Mi Air may be considered as a clone of the MacBook Air. However, Xiaomi has created a design that is compact, stylish and lightweight for your laptop minimalist. In a few words, both laptops have a great aesthetic quality.

Xiaomi Mi Air has more storage capacity than the Apple laptop. With 256 GB of memory, the Xiaomi Mi Air takes advantage of the 128 GB MacBook Air.

on the other hand, the speaker of the Xiaomi Mi Air is located at the bottom of the laptop and this makes that its sound is not as good. With the MacBook Air, it’s the opposite, the sound quality of Apple is always high in any of its products.

Price and availability

The Xiaomi Mi Air has a price of 899 euros. Is a laptop with good features for a price that can be considered accessible. Without a doubt, a good buy for anyone who wants a quality portable.

The MacBook Air can be purchased from 1439 euros and also has the specs that everyone is looking for in a laptop today.

yes, the price difference between both laptops is abysmal. If you decide to buy a Xiaomi Mi Air instead of the MacBook Air would be saving approximately 540 euros. With 540 euros you can buy a Xiaomi Mi 8 and I spare some money for a few accessories. As you just read, what is the cost of the MacBook Air you can buy a Xiaomi Mi Air, MI 8 and you still have change.

If you’re searching for deals, then today is your lucky day. Even though the Xiaomi Mi Air has a price of 899 euros, we’ll tell you a site where you can buy it for a lowest price.