New images of My Band Xiaomi 1S, with heart rate sensor?

Xiaomi Mi Band destacada

No doubt, the Xiaomi Mi Band whose analysis can check here, is one of our favorite wearables. Not only does the job to perfection, if we do not we are also against market cheaper quantifying bracelet .

Not surprisingly, the My Band has placed Xiaomi, as the second company in the world sells more wearables above brands like Garmin or Jawbone. Certainly Xiaomi wants to continue the success he is receiving his beloved bracelet , so they see fit and that is time to upgrade.

The images that we show below are according GizmoChina- the Xiaomi 1S My Band, which will be the spiritual successor to the Chinese bracelet. If you did not say anything more, perhaps many would not find any difference with the first model, so it seems that plans Xiaomi -a short-term do not go totally revolutionary new bracelet . If something works, change the least.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S imágenes

Same design, same materials … but with a little detail that catches our attention. Is that a heartbeat sensor? bets say yes. So for now we will not see screen or anything like that. Do I motivate enough to change the bracelet? For me there personally.

And I explain. Clearly, this bracelet called My Band H1 is simply an evolution of the original that will come to replace and possibly coexist with My Band 2 . The latter, it does bring new functionality and features that will make the price increase significantly, so Xiaomi wanted to keep My original Band adding a heart rate sensor . So, with this move, the My Band 1S can maintain a competitive price in the market should-not excessively so and will increase the My Band 2 which itself will risk that, with better features, finishes and higher starting price.

This is just assumptions , but it would be more logical. So everyone is happy, those who want an inexpensive bracelet will have the new My Band H1. Those who want better specifications can purchase the My Band 2. You elegiríais what?

And you do you think? Head over New images of My Band Xiaomi 1S, with heart rate sensor? to leave your mark.

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