New: Facebook reminds you that you send photos that come out your friends

Photo Magic, nueva herramienta de Facebook que te recordará enviar fotos a amigos

¿What is Photo Magic for Facebook? Insurance that has happened more than once: tell a friend to send you those pictures of that party, but however, the days go by much remember to never show up tagged in those photos. This could have the solution very soon, because Facebook will remind you to send photos to your friends, so that won’t be second reminder for you to send the photos to those who appear in them. How can you arise with this? By facial recognition.

Photo Magic of Facebook, what is it?

This tool is Photo Magic, what’s new with Facebook, which if we allow it, we suggest tagging friends in the photos we’ve uploaded to the social network. This will be done through Messenger, which will look at the photos that go up, and we invite you to share them with the friends that appear in them. In this way, if a friend comes out in a photo, Facebook will alert us to send you. What we see in the following photo:

photo magic messenger enviar fotos amigos

of course, we will be able to to disable this option for privacy at all times (in addition to saving battery power). But if you want Messenger to notify us if you send the photo to a friend who appears in a photo, we will have give permission to Messenger to do so, and find friends in every photo that go up.

it Is clear that not had too much sense to say that a friend had to download your photo, or require labeling on more than one occasion. Now, Facebook will suggest automatically with only see your face, so that those people who appear in the pictures also have them.

If we allow it, Facebook will notify us always which people appear in a new photo that we take. Will have to see how this affect the battery consumption, because but we can always to turn off notifications just in case, to not work in the background (as we see in the picture above) and only from the application.

When will Photo Magic?

Photo Magic will be available from Tuesday, but in Australia. Will come to Android before anything else, and the update as always will start to be deployed from here to the other parts of the world. Soon we will be able to enjoy the new Facebook, so that whenever we take a photo we remember if we want to send it to that friend who appears at our side.

We love the new Facebook?

What do you think of this new functionality, remember to send photos to friends?

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