Netflix re-up the prices of their plans, how much will it cost in Spain?

Netflix has announced new prices on all of their plans within the united States, which is assumed to increase in the next few days in the rest of countries. These increases were between 13 and 18% in each of the plans that the company offers.

┬┐how Much it will cost the plans of Netflix in Spain?

The most affordable plan in the USA had a price of $ 8, and now has gone up to 9$. The Standard plan went from 11$ to 13$ and finally, the Premium plan step to have a cost of 16$, which was at 14$ before the increase. These increases will affect Latin american countries that are governed by the rates of the US.

it should Be noted that this has been the price increase largest that has taken the company from which it was created more than a decade ago.

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Now, if Netflix applies the same increases of the united States in Spain, the prices could rise this year to between 1 or 2 euros in each of the plans offered in the country. Where the Basic plan would go up to 9 or 10 euros, which is the Standard around 13 euros, the Premium to around 16 euros and finally the ultra to 19 0 20 euros approximately. It may be time to look at other options like Huawei Video.

After the news of the increase in the plans, shares of Netflix rose its value by 6%. So investors should be very happy in this moment.

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