My experience after a year with the successor to the legendary Nexus 5, 5X


Will we have been giving the rattle these last few days with something that you all know: this year is over. With the end of the 2016, 2017 portends changes, surprises and above all progress in the world belongs to Android.

This same year we learned about the tristísima news of the death of the range Nexus, a series of smartphones that captured the hearts of the most hard users of Android. Advanced phones aimed at a small niche with Android pure, a hardware decent and the latest Google updates, since they marketed the big G.


And today, website I will tell you in personal terms, my experience with one of the last two Nexus existed, the Nexus 5X. Successor to the legendary Nexus 5 –that I myself had in my hands– manufactured by the same company, LG, has been a time in my hands. Have you been able to honor their brothers?

Top, but not so top

My little 5X got my hands on the fruit of an exchange of my old One Plus X with a guy from the Canary islands –thank you, Laure–. The hype was emerging as the Nexus 5 left me the best taste I have ever had in a smartphone ever, and the bar was set high. After a few weeks of very you waiting, what I received.

first of all, for those who don’t know its features, I leave it here:

-Screen Full HD 5’2″ LCD of 423 pixels per inch, protected with Gorilla Glass 3.

-Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 with 6 cores running at 1’8 GHz and GPU Adreno 418.

-RAM 2GB DDR3 and storage of 32GB not expandable with SD cards.

-rear Camera 12MPX with focal aperture f/2.0, laser auto focus and dual led flash dual tone, capable of recording 4K-30fps and Slow-Motion to 120fps and a front 5MPX.

-Battery 2700 mHa.

fingerprint Reader, USB Type-C 1.0, gyroscope…


My first impression was one of surprise, and positive. I came from a OnePlus X that was famous for the good quality of your screen, and I am a lover of the AMOLED. In fact, the Nexus has been the first mobile that has not incorporated this technology that I have used as a personal mobile, and the screen 5X met very positively. If you do not have a few colors really cool to be LCD, Full HD note and get an sharpness on the screen that the OnePlus was missing, and I love it. Although, if you like the saturated colors, it is not your screen.

Being a Nexus, what she longed for was performance. My previous mobile phone before the OnePlus was a Galaxy S3 broken, so that you are going to require quite a bit. And fulfilled and complies with outstanding. Android 7.1.1 version more stock is moving with ease, outstanding in apps and contextual menus, and I have not had any problem of performance, or for games or for apps of day-to-day. Games, varied applications… the Nexus 5X can with what you throw.


But not everything in this life is going to be pink. The 2 gigs of RAM are somewhat short, and the biggest problem that I have had to use it in my long hours of testing apps is the battery. Android 7.1 will not just be optimised in its entirety –although go extremely fluid– and 2700 mHa gives to light. It is not a drama huge, but if you achuchas a light, you see it with the charger in hand the three hours after the decision. Something without a doubt negative.

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you’re alive, Nexus

how Would the OnePlus X after this experience Nexus? Without a doubt, not. The fingerprint reader or Nexus Imprint works of authentic luxury, the quick charge is something that saves the life, and although it has its faults like any phone, it gives the size with outstanding, fighting face to face with their brothers and sisters with same price range. There is also to say that design is not ugly, but it is something sober and sometimes boring. But of course, I come from a phone with a finish in metal and glass, much less.


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