Movistar modifies its rate Live 13: 2 euros more, 1 more GB and establishment of call more expensive

With both WhatsApp and so much application to chat and make video calls you can people have already forgotten the calls conventional, and that might be the reason why we strange to see a modification in a fare like this.

Movistar has taken the decision to raise the call establishment to 25 cents in their fare Live 13, a rate that already had a price for the establishment of call 20 cents and that now increases this price to 5 cents more. It is normal that the establishment of the call has a price of 15 cents but the drought suffered by the operators makes these are taken very seriously the calls sporadic.

Movistar Plus

The rate Live 13, a good choice Movistar

anyway, this movement of Movistar, it is not for nothing strange and in fact has quite a sense in the rate with calls to 0 cents the price of the minute, where you raise the price of the establishment of the call is the only way to earn more money without harming the user.

in Addition to this change, which is the negative, the user also sees increased its data limit at 2GB, and that means that you will be more happy because, generally, users call each time less. Yes, the user will now have to pay 2 euros more to have 1 more GB of data.

fee Live 13 now is of the following form:

  • 25 cents for call establishment.
  • Calls to 0 cents per minute.
  • 2 GB of data, once you can navigate at minimum speed.
  • The first 20 SMS messages are paid to 20 cents, the others are not paid.
  • 15 € per month, VAT included.

you don’t have commitment, you can continue surfing at maximum speed up to 1 GB extra 1.5 cents a MB or you can not continue surfing at top speed with 4G networks and 4G+ de Movistar. Lowi seems to us a more interesting option at a lower price with 2 GB of data and a call establishment cheaper, here you can get this rate.

In part with his logic will earn more but we don’t understand because, in addition to up 2 euros on the price, have to climb up to the call establishment, it may be that some will not like the change.

you Have more information on Movistar | Rate LIVE 13

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