Moto G4 Plus lets see in a real image

moto g4 plus

has leaked a image’s “official” Moto G4 Plus that is totally what we hope for the new bet from these guys. Evan Blass, one of the filter feeders par excellence, he shared with us today on Twitter this image. what are First impressions? A design very similar to the previous Moto G 2015, but the novelty of the fingerprint sensor as I had a few days ago, but that does not convince me at all that it is square. Move:

Moto G4 Plus, the first real image

We are no doubt faced with the first real picture more complete we have seen. All this thanks to one of our sifters favorites, as is Evan Blass @evLeaks, which we announced on twitter as we will see in the following tweet, with the own image of the Moto G4 Plus.

moto g4 plus imagenIn the above image, we can see a design that I personally find ugly. Behind yes it is true that follows the line of the previous Moto G 2015, is virtually the same, but the white looks more off than if it were color. We also see the camera with a module of auto-focus laser, which makes sense that it will be better and that will allow us to take good photos.

For the front, we see the fingerprint reader. To be square I do not like too much, almost preferred it back in the M of Motorola, but they have done so and it is what it touches. We may be more comfortable, and that depends on the user.

we Also know the price

we Cannot overlook the fact that yesterday we tell you what is the price of the new Moto G4 Plus. A Moto G4 that would be better than the Moto G4 normal. In what? Possibly in camera and processor, according to the latest rumors. The prices are in the region of 277 euros for this bet, that we could choose to black or white.

What do you think of the design filtering of this Moto G4 Plus? What convinces you? We hope to have that level of customization that we saw on the last Bike, because it seems a bit bland.

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