Moto G 4th Gen: specifications Possible

Moto G 2016 4 gen especificaciones rumores

Despite the fact that many believed that they could disappear the Moto G, since the company is still working on her new bet, the Moto G 2016 that points to the king of the mid-range for this year. What will? so now they start to sound the first rumors about the terminal, and the feelings are good. We tell you below the possible specifications of the Moto G 4th Generation.

Moto G 2016 (4┬║Gen): Specifications rumored

To today’s date, and in the absence of many months for its release, we already have rumors about the Moto G 2016. Starting with the screen, you are talking on the order of FullHD resolution. This would be highly acclaimed by the users, who this year criticized its low quality screen and that it was time to take the leap to something better. Not to mention the screen is unbreakable, its new technology that points strong.

Moto G 2016: RumoresAnother of the main rumors is that the Moto G4 would send back a chip of Qualcomm, that is to say, a Snapdragon but this time superior to the current Moto G. Speaking of Snapdragon 650 64-bit and 6-core, but still it is not official or much less at these heights. This movement makes sense, since many users criticized that the Moto G 2015 will have the same chip that the small Moto E.

Where he has called us the attention is in the RAM. rumors point to 3 GB, when we find it hard to believe that we are going to have more than 2 GB. Remember that it is a terminal mid-range, and we can’t spend, because that will impact on the price and we are not going to like a hair.

finally, and not least importantly, we may have a physical button on the new Moto G4. This may have to do with the fingerprint sensor, which would come equipped. In the matter of what others do not need to say anything, we hope Android Pure, specifically Marshmallow by that time, and an appropriate battery, in this field will never disappoint.

A better Motorcycle, and, what’s more expensive?

the rumors of The price right now are an unknown quantity, could happen. But as well to the eye, if the current Moto G 2015 costs 199 euro for 1 GB of RAM (without quotes), this new bet with a better chip, better screen and finger sensor, it could around 229 euros of output (and being cheap). We also do not believe that we shoot too much, or they could come back to have a hard time in sales. If you have this price, it would be the best on the market in relation quality-price.

What are you waiting for the new Moto G 4th Generation? A new Moto G 2016 that will give much to talk about, that’s for sure.

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