More than 6 million phones Xiaomi sold in march

Tomorrow is a date scheduled for Xiaomi; as I told some days ago, on April 19 will present the Xiaomi Mi6; here you can see real images and from all angles of the new flagship of the chinese company.

6.3 million phones Xiaomi sold in march

But it is not the only reason that Xiaomi is one of his best moments. The journal Kevin Wangm from your Twitter account, pointed out that the past month of march, the company sold a total of 6.3 million smartphones.

it Seems that things are going well. The goal for this year this year is to sell 70 million phones; although, if the trend continues in this sense, it is more likely to exceed this figure.

How will be the future of phones Xiaomi?

in Addition, in the same Tweet, you could read that Xiaomi is now reestructando your telephone line, focusing on three aspects: innovation, quality and delivery.

Precisely delivery is one of the main weaknesses of Xiaomi. Remember how the past year to 2016, the chinese company suffered a big drop in sales due to the lack of supply in various countries of the world. In 2016 Xiaomi sold only 41.5 million mobile, indicating a decrease of 36% with regard to 2015, when it was sold 64.8 million units.

This information is not entirely new. At the beginning of April, Lei Jun Xiaomi, CEO of Xiaomi, commented that the directors of the company had talked of the restructuring of the online telephony in the first general meeting after the seventh anniversary.

We are glad to know that things will go well Xiaomi, a chinese company which we believe has a great journey ahead in the world of technology; the key to success are products at a price relatively cheap, and off-highway performance.

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