Monitor your menstrual cycle with these 5 apps

Our mobile phone is carried everywhere and used for almost anything. Then, what better place to have your calendar menstrual. For this reason, we have prepared a list with the 5 best applications so that you can keep track of your menstrual cycle from your Android phone.

Clue: calendar menstrual period and fertility

This application lets you know the date of your next period, and the dates where you find yourself most fertile. And you can learn all this by means of reminders and notifications.

The application will provide you with detailed descriptions about the menstrual cycle, which are accompanied by references to medical and scientific.

Calendar menstrual fertility and ovulation

This application is without a doubt the most popular in its sector. Already are more than 100 million downloads in the Play Store, and maintains a reputation of 4.8, which speaks very well of her.

No matter what your period, present spot

The particular of this application is that it it serves all kind of woman, both for those who have a regular menstrual cycle as they are presented with the period of irregular shape. You can also activate reminders for birth control pills.

Alert period

With the information of the date of your last 3 periods is able to predict the date that will start the next. Even shows you the dates of fertility and ovulation, next to the state of mind that you may have that day.

┬┐Who use more the mobile? Do men or women?

you Can protect the application by means of a password to avoid that some curious to see a information as private to you.

Maya: periods, fertility and ovulation

If you’re looking to have a baby with this application you can know what are the days that you have increased fertility.

The history of your previous cycles it is very complete, even you can see how many days hard your flow.

Calendar menstrual for ovulation and pregnancy

With a reputation almost perfect 4.9 in the Play Store, is one of the most prominent applications, perhaps because of its beautiful design and because it allows you to perform a backup with your Google account very easily.

like the rest of the applications from the list allows you to predict your cycles, periods, fertility and ovulation. Even offers daily statistics with the probability of pregnancy.

we Hope that these 5 applications have been of your liking and if you already used some, leave in the comments what your experience has been.

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