Mines a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Explota Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has done a new mobile phone, the next Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to be one of the best mobile of the year, and although it is difficult to sell as much as the Galaxy S7 what is certain is that expectations are very high.

The Note 7 is going to be one of the phablets world’s best-selling and is that the manufacturer has added several new features to the Note 7 that make it a mobile very interesting. One need only see the 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of memory, your camera, the new pen, etc, Now, colour does not matter if the phone explodes.

Note 7 explota

Exploits the first Note 7 Samsung

no, it is Not a secret, the mobile and the battery of the mobile may explode, but you don’t need to worry about. What is certain is that there are many mobile phones that explode, but if we look to the likelihood that we will discover that it is really low, very few mobile explode although you can sometimes pass.

there Were cases in which the phones have been exploited by consumer problems, by doing the wrong things. Now, despite the fact that it has not been made public in Asia has already exploited the first of these and the pictures are creepy. We must not forget the individual who he saw as a wall of his house and jumped up in the air by the fault of a charger modified.

it could Also be a marketing strategy (from the competition)

Yes, the photos are of a Note 7 and to prevent the cell exploding is advisable not to load the mobile sites are very hot in addition to keep it clean and away from liquids during loading. And yes, use only the official charger or will be able to pass things like this. Not we can trust much of the explosions as they are unlikely to occur and sometimes, when they are before their release, may be due to marketing strategies of other companies (very dark, of course).

For the moment it is not known very well why it has exploited this Galaxy Note 7 and could be a thing of the new charger with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but now it will be Samsung who have to do everything possible to solve the problem, it is negative publicity for the brand despite the fact that it is very unlikely to pass.

Source | Xiaomi Today

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