Microsoft was close to buying Facebook in 2010

Microsoft estuvo cerca de comprar Facebook en 2010 has confirmed in an interview with the american chain CNBC, which was at that time the CEO of Windows, Steve Ballmer, also known for being the owner of the NBA team Los Angeles Clippers. The leader has confirmed that Windows was in negotiations to buy the popular social network, and even made an offer of $ 24 billion to Mark Zuckerberg.

The people of Windows, which by that time I had a 1.6% share of Facebook, realized the potential of the social network and the economic profitability could be achieved with it, so was launched to acquire it in its entirety. In own words of the CEO, by that time, the platform grew “out of control”.

As you can easily deduce, siren songs -and notes that Windows put on the table – were not enough to convince his creator. Zuckerberg preferred to maintain the company and to manage it by himself, a strategy that we can say that it has been useful, because today is the fourth richest person in the world.

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Currently, the social network is one of the most used on the planet and is a reference in some fields of communication. In addition, this has allowed it to be done with other social networks such as Instagram and [19459004toenjoyanexcellenteconomy. Facebook reaches now a value of 379 billion dollars, a figure 16 times higher than the offer that made the people Windows 6 years ago.

This story joins the list of romance frustrated between major companies in the sector of telephony and computing, and social networks. The last chapter we have in the rumors of the purchase of Twitter, that he was about to pass into the hands of Google. As I say, it was another love story that ended without the happy ending.

social networks are an important source of income if it is managed well and the different actors of the above mentioned sector, you know. Even so, still have not been able to make the final leap. Who knows if within a few years Google will regret not having offered more to buy Twitter?

What do you think would have happened if Windows had just bought Facebook? How do you think that would have developed both platforms?

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