Meizu launches Flyme OS so they can use other manufacturers

Meizu is a chinese brand well-known, in fact, is almost as famous as Xiaomi. Meizu has an operating system called Flyme OS, this system is characterized by providing a good performance and, at the same time, it lacks the drawer of applications such as operating systems like MIUI.

MIUI a long time ago that is available on other mobile phones that are not Xiaomi. Now Meizu will do the same with Flyme OS. Meizu has always been characterized by the manufacture of very good motives and, above all, by mount processors Samsung’s famous Exynos, in its high range. Its layer of customization is not for anything bad, everyone who has passed Flyme OS has been noticed that it offers an Android experience very worthy.

Nuevo MEIZU potente

Flyme OS can now be used on other devices that are not Meizu

Flyme OS is already present in a high end tablet, brand JD, call JDTab. This tablet has a hardware to the last very similar, or perhaps even more powerful than the MiPad 2.

Meizu has presented Flyme OS 6 a while ago and this includes a lot of news that not only are based on a face wash. Includes the new engine AI One Mind to make the layer more intelligent, the configuration of up to 3 traces to enter in the different spaces according to the finger used to unlock the terminal and has added a few 1000 optimizations the system to be more powerful and efficient. It has also added many improvements in its version for tablet, launched a few months ago.

it Is clear that we are not going to see Flyme OS installed on phones and tablets of leading brands which already have their own layer of customization, but it can be a good starting point for all those manufacturers who seek a decent alternative to the Android stock and in fact, it is better to Flyme OS that the majority of layers which assemble the majority of chinese manufacturers of second-level. We would like to see Flyme OS on more than one device and not that this is left adrift with two or three brands that they support.