Medium: the app blogging platform comes to Android in beta

Medium llega a Android

The Android mobile operating system will not forget fans world blogs . For example, there are applications like Tumblr, which also lets you edit or popular than WordPress. A list of options to write your own blog formed by some as the aforementioned WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or Ghost, have been adding interesting options. One of the most attention is captured as an alternative network blogging Medium . So far, they could only enjoy writing in it who made it from a computer or from an iOS device, but fortunately things change.

For those not you’ve heard of Medium, in summary I say that is a platform blogging whose essence its minimalist, easy creation of content and be collaborative . If you want to know more about it, we recommend you to take a look for example the article on Medium in Toyoutome blog. That said, the news at hand, is that as a feature in Tech Crunch, the platform – which, incidentally, was invented by one of the creators of Twitter – already has a app Android . Of course, we fear that by the time it takes patience because it is in closed beta .

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However, if you are curious and you have no desire to wait for the launch of the Medium application for Android in its final version, perhaps ye be in luck. We say that because in Medium looking for people to test the beta for Android . The steps come to be the same as those to be followed to join the beta of many applications. That is, register with the Google+ community and download the application through its link in the Play Store. You have to follow the steps in this order, and only you can make the download if they accept your application at the community Medium Google +.

Play Store | Medium beta (Gratutio)

had some knowledge Medium ?, what do you think ?, believe interesting to finally have an app on Android?

And you do you think? Head over Medium: the app platform blogging comes to Android in beta to make your mark

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