MásMóvil purchase Yoigo by 612 million euros

MasMovil compra Yoigo

sometimes the price of a mobile phone ceases to be relevant when our operator, we apply data rates and calls with predatory prices. Yes, our operator is as or more important that our mobile because using a mobile without a card doesn’t make much sense.

it Is necessary to have a good operator and OMV have been shown to be a viable alternative to the operators of conventional. Now, MásMóvil, has purchased another company, Yoigo. As such, despite the fact that Yoigo will surely sound more you should know that MásMóvil has also bought PepePhone by 150 million euros and has now spent 612 billion more in buy Yoigo.


why MásMóvil has purchased Yoigo and PepePhone?

To MásMóvil the purchase of PepePhone has enabled him to win 500,000 users a attacked, and these users did not see changes in their conditions. Now, MásMóvil, has been made with Yoigo after months of negotiating.

Yoigo has cost 612 million euros and now MásMóvil is already the fourth operator in Spain with more users, some 4.3 million customers that are consolidated thanks to the uptake of the 3.2 million customers who have Yoigo, now all of these customers belong to MásMóvil has purchased 100% of the company as with PepePhone.

MásMóvil is already the fourth largest operator with more users in Spain

we don’t know if MásMóvil is going to make a great change now that you have these 2 large companies in your power while at the moment customers or they will find out of the purchase. we Expect that things will not change because Yoigo is one of the best companies of Spain by conditions for users.

we Had a suspicion that this purchase is complete and with the acquisition of PepePhone many thought that MásMóvil does not move tab, but after to negotiate for a long time has been achieved. There are companies that come forward by themselves, but companies such as MásMóvil have managed to earn enough capital to make strategic purchases and come out ahead by a way more than respectable.

Buy Yoigo’s going to be a big change to this company as this operator itself has infrastructure, which will serve to MásMóvil to continue to expand services and create a plan for the future very interesting.

Source | MásMóvil Blog

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