MarSoar Glide, a gimbal so advanced as cheap, I just 70€!

The gimbal that we found a couple of days of supply has been exhausted. Today you’re in luck, because the MarSoar Glide you can get it for only 70€. The only problem is that the offer only lasts until tomorrow. The good thing is that it is even better than the previous one, with functions that are very advanced.

The MarSoar Glide is a gimbal very powerful that now you can find with a reduction of over 30% on their usual price. The good thing of this device, in addition to having an autonomy of about 8 hours, is that it integrates a lot of features that we only see in gimbals of high-end.

¿How is the MarSoar Glide? Is it worth it?

This gimbal allows you to stabilize your phone and record videos like a pro but does so with some key features such as automatic face recognition, or the object tracking. It doesn’t matter what mobile you have, it’s compatible with all iPhone, Galaxy S, OnePlus, etc Supported mobile up to 220 grams.

You’ll be able to download the app for this device from the Play Store and control it from the remote, creating shots very professional. Your battery has to 8 hours of battery life and that is more than what we are used to. It is normal to have between 4 and 5 hours, this is nearly double the usual.

in Addition to that is constructed of a material of high quality resistant to scratches and wear. Is ergonomic and very easy to hold. The brand has achieved a high quality product and now can be yours.

The device is compatible with both Android as iOS. You will find the application MarSoar in Google Play and in the App Store. In the video you can see how it works and how well it stabilizes. Without a doubt, a product to keep in mind if you want to get your hands on one economic, of high quality and with good conditions sales.

Where to get the MarSoar Glide for only 70€?

If you want to do with yours, remember that the offer is about to end and there are only a few units available. What you will find in GearBest Spain with nationwide warranty. What do you think?

If you pay with Google Pay even so you’ll be able to get for only 61 euros.

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