Mark Zuckeberg believes that in 10 years mobile phones will cease to exist

In the developers conference that was held a few weeks ago, Mark Zuckeberg made a comment that did not go unnoticed to anyone: the mobile will go away for 2026. The founder of Facebook, explained that in 10 years the world of communication will be completely different from the one we know today; because there was no mobile phones and, thanks to the project, the entire planet will have access to the internett.

What is the future that predicts Mark Zuckeberg?

The future that predicts Mark Zuckeberg is 100% based on the Reality Virtual, and in systems such as Oculus. The founder of Facebook stated during the conference that we will forget by full of the keyboards and type in a virtual way with our brains; something that the company is already immersed as a research project currently.

is Not that Mark Zuckeberg is a seer or a lot less. Simply analyze in which they are investing today the vast majority of technology companies: Virtual Reality and automation. Since we are talking about Facebook, the purchase of Oculus by the company is the best example; it now only remains for us to see how the company of Mark Zuckeberg is able to create glasses less showy than those that we currently know and with a design more fashionable.

From our point of view, perhaps it is a period of time too short to say farewell to the mobile phones. Currently, companies in the sector are making great efforts to bring us devices each time with greater benefits, and we believe that we still have a lot to offer. Perhaps in the future effectively the mobile phones to disappear from the face of the earth, but the term of 10 years seems to us too hasty.

What I seem to [email protected] you’re statements? Do you believe that within 10 years we could live in a world in which there were not mobile phones?

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