Manga Plus, the app that every lover of the Manga you must have

the genre of The Manga has grown significantly during the past few years. Increasingly, there are more titles that you can get on the net. But you can also do this from your smart phone. So today, I present to you Manga Plus, an app that every fan of the Manga should have in your smartphone. Continue reading and find out all about this wonderful application.

Known Sleeve Plus

Manga Plus

If you love Manga, this application can not miss on your mobile. This app is a creation of Shueisha, the giant of the genus, and the charge of bringing to market successes such as Dragon Ball or Naruto. This app is available all over the world, less in China, South Korea, and Japan. And is that for these countries, the editorial has other apps of the same style from some time ago.

The download of the app is free, however comes with shopping within it. These purchases are for acquire copies of Sleeves in the physical and in this way support the authors. As a negative point, we must tell you that at the moment the app is not available in Spanish. But you don’t have to worry about, since it is expected that in the coming weeks to enjoy all the content in our language.

The content of Manga Plus is released in Japan and the rest of the world simultaneously

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