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We are facing an era that is important to see the different rates existing operators in our country, since we choose the one that best suits our needs , both consumption and price, and prices and arrangements vary greatly, and the same consumption limit has various prices.

there we like it or not, it is a reality that is difficult to do without the benefits offered us to have a fast data connection 4G LTE, but never, never say, we pay for something we do not consume.

Ignoring current technological needs, we want to mention an interesting application, which allows us manage the various services of our mobile line , this time with Movistar, one of the major operators in our country, and outside of this.

Control your consumption bill from your terminal and services

Virtually all operators today have their own application, and Movistar is no less. Among all he has in his catalog of the various app stores in the respective operating systems are leading My Movistar.

Its features and functions are extensive and of all kinds, among them are to consult our consumption of voice, data, alerts, rate and even billing , whether individuals or companies.

But not only related to consumption, but also some others such as enable or disable some services of your line as voicemail, the 4G network, diverts unwanted calls, add constraints, among others.

App Mi Movistar

Even allows us to make inquiries about products and services of Movistar, notification of any incident related to our line, both be mobile and fixed at our home, because it is not limited to smartphones, interesting and useful to par.

In more extreme cases, can remote terminal block our if we suffer a robbery. And although we hope it does not happen, allows you to search the Movistar stores closest to our location, to treat any subject in person.

use, interface and privacy go hand in hand

To get there we have to register with one of our telephone numbers, to which introduce a password as a private access which is, as our data and other contracted services are private and shall not be accessible to outsiders. Security is never over.

And related to this earlier and to have our data in it, will allow us to new recruitment to various services available to the large operator, as it could be television, fiber, or subscription to Evernote and Spotify some offer more competitive prices.

To be ending, we note that is interesting for its customers that offers this, it is quite complete and have many features that make us the task to check the invoice, review our subscriptions and services, among others, but its use is quite timely because it can not offer more than what is intended.

We have provided the link to Google Play so you can download it free, safe and free at this time.

Google Play | My Movistar

And you do you think? Head over to Manage the services your phone line from your phone with My Movistar application to leave your mark.

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