Looking for mobile phones with a fingerprint reader on-screen? These are the top 7

mobile phones with fingerprint reader integrated in the display are the order of the day. Little by little it is implemented in many terminals and it is becoming a trend. If you want to yes or yes to have it and try it you’re in the right place: here you have the 7 best mobile phones with the sensor of fingerprints under the screen.

The 7 best mobile phones with a fingerprint reader beneath the screen

we Will do a small review of everything new on the market. The first are the ones that we have found to be most interesting so that you know 🙂

OnePlus 6T

THE OnePlus 6T has a number of features of infarction, and one of the more have called us the attention is its fingerprint reader on the screen. The best comes when you see their price, 549 euros in its base version for that design without frames, a Snapdragon 845 and 128 GB of storage sound great, don’t you think?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei has launched the swimming pool with their new Matte 20 Matte 20 Pro. These are the best that have been done to date and bring the latest of the latest as your Kirin 980 with dual NPU or its impressive screen. And, as no, brings the reader of fingerprints on the screen that does not work nothing bad.

Living NEX

Sure that you know this mobile, marked a before and an after in the entire industry. It was one of the first to bring camera slider and this type of sensor on the market. Not because it was short on specifications, just take a look at their Snapdragon 845 or screen without notch 6,59 inches.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

This Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer has been really coveted by all and has been slow enough in getting to the market. Comes with the guarantee that it will be the last stop range of the series “My” and, therefore, face the largest. Its back part is transparent and has taken the step in the recognition of fingerprints. All this for 600 euro, a reasonable price for what it gives us.

Meizu 16X

there is Already a well ranges high, where are the mobile something cheaper? This Meizu 16X does not pass the 350 euros and all that brings is a bargain. Screen without the so controversial “notch”, a Snapdragon 710 new baking and a dual camera very capable, are just a few of their tricks.

If you want more power from this article, you can take a look at the Meizu 16 and 16 Plus you also have this sensor fingerprint under the screen. Yes, we don’t seem to be as good option as its variant X.

Oppo R17 Pro

This Oppo R17 Pro has just been released to the market and is very strong. Its design is unique, and your notch minimum. It is somewhat more expensive than their competitors, but is loaded with details that differentiate it quite a bit, and hey, why not give it a whim? Below you have the link to purchase on pre-sale.

Live V11 Pro

Screen 6.41″, battery 3400 mAh, Snapdragon 660 and fingerprint reader on the screen. This mid-range comes to a more affordable and do not do anything wrong, it’s a safe purchase. Is not yet available, but stay tuned to this post, I’ll update how much it is.

¿What you have seemed to these terminals with fingerprint reader on-screen? Have you bought any? don’t leave without letting us your opinion in the comments section, until the next article!