Looking for a Power Bank USB Type-C cheap?


If you have a smartphone with USB Type-C and only have a cable of type C to C, you may have realized that the Power Bank that you have not serves you. A quick option is to buy a cable of USB to Type-C. But if what you want is buy Power Bank USB Type-C cheap, I have to tell you that actually exist. We are going to suggest Amazon, but they are not especially cheap.

If you are looking for a Power Bank USB Type-C cheap, we are going to show you a to see what you think. This Power Bank from Xiaomi, which we found in Amazon does not have a bad pint, we tested it and it works very well. For 35 euros is a great buy. It is expensive for the innovation of this connector.


Buy Power Bank USB Type-C cheap

As can be appreciated in the image, this Xiaomi Power Bank Pro has 10,000 mAh and USB Type-C. It’s quite expensive, but as yet we don’t have many power bank with USB Type-C, all are jumping to quite the parra price. Another option as you mentioned, is that you use just an adapter.

What I like a lot of this power bank is that it is quite light. The design is very good to carry around and is quite thin, if we take into account many other. Has button to check the load capacity and multiple connectors.

  • lithium-ion Polymer.
  • nominal Capacity 3.7 V / 10000mAh.
  • 6 hours using a charger of 5V/2A (3.5 hours using a charger 18W)
  • Dimensions: 12.80 x 7.30 x 1.20 cm

But if you want to buy a Power Bank USB Type-C and you like Xiaomi, is probably the best option. In addition, it is likely to find it cheaper soon.

If you like, we’ll leave you the link to purchase at Amazon. It is a good buy:

Buy Power Bank USB C-Xiaomi

you Can buy this Power Bank USB Type-C 10,000 mAh and Xiaomi for 34,95 euros. Shipping is premium, so that it will be free if you are a premium customer and you will receive it super fast to your home.

Power Bank Xiaomi USB Type-C

did you tested? What do you think?

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