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Racing games never go out of fashion . This week we will present an interesting sequel to a great jewel of the cars that was born back in 2013 and got merit awards. Mini Motor Racing WRT brings its direct sequel, which focuses more on the social character of a racing title and improve certain aspects of its gameplay. Let’s see something else.

First impressions and gameplay

Who has not played before at Fruit Ninja Well, the creator of this title, Halfbrick Studios has collaborated with The Binary Mill to develop this game with the same casual spirit from that one. A car racing game in which anything goes, butting, tackling outside the track and use the turbo. All to escape rival and power accumulate “real” money in our sacks . This will serve to be unlocked cars, improvements for vehicles, paintings, etc.

His predecessor was already paid, and the formula used in the game before us today is the famous freemium . Taking advantage of the pull of this trend , the developer wants to cash in on those who can not wait to get your favorite car running hundreds of tournaments. Paying real money, we can achieve a high level and unlock all the game elements .

The game has a career mode with which we began our adventure. But also has a League mode (which is like a championship against), challenges (which are released daily to get points in the game world circuit), Race Club (world rankings for each circuit) and Bluetooth. The latter is the most surprising, because not many titles that we can play against our closest friends through the BT connection of our terminal. You can only play between Android devices.

We find two types of control : with a flyer that will act as a throttle and steering wheel; and typical left and right buttons. In addition, we will have the button ‘nitro’ and the brake not to go long on the tightest corners. After several tutorials, we will begin the career mode. At first it will be very simple won the race finish 1 vs. 1, but later we will have to keep improving our vehicle to scrape some points.

Paragraph graphics and sound

If you know Mini Motor Racing, you’re in luck. The developer repeated graphic formula that gave the success to the previous installment of the series. The title is fully developed and drawn in three dimensions with great use of all colors. As for the sound, we can go changing melody menu, and sound effects do not stop being the typical racing game all budget.


We are facing discreet and casual title not actually improves it offered its predecessor. It maintains the visual and sound quality and provides the social modes of Mini Motor Racing series. If you like racing and mini cars, this is your next title you should play. Your download will we go to 145 MB and is entirely in Spanish .

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And you do you think? Head over Vive exciting race mini cars Mini Motor Racing WRT to make your mark.

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