List of mobile phones which do not have WhatsApp from December 2016

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┬┐you Want to discover what mobile phones have WhatsApp from December 2016? it Is clear that with this, many users are going to buy a new mobile, because without WhatsApp is complicated to live now that is so into our lives every day for personal relationships of friends, family, or work.

The list of mobile phones which do not have WhatsApp from the December 31, 2016, is quite complete, and it is important that you discover if your mobile phone is one of them, so that at least you’re prepared.

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These mobile phones have WhatsApp, since December 31,

As we have been able to ascertain, the terminals do not have a WhatsApp from the December 31, 2016, are the following:

  • Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 (Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman E16, Motorola i867, Motorola i867 Ferrari, HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire, ZTE Blade, Galaxy S, Galaxy Beam, HTC Google Nexus One… Alcatel One Touch 990, HTC Incredible S, HTC Inspire 4G, LG Optimus…). We have been investigating the models, some might have already updated, so we cannot guarantee 100% that these terminals continue to count with these versions of Android.
Outside of the Android ecosystem:
  • BlackBerry.
  • Nokia S40.
  • Symbian S60.
  • Windows Phone 7.1.

At the end of 2016, WhatsApp will be compatible with these versions of Android and smartphones. So if you feel identified with any one, from the 31 December 2016 you will be without service WhatsApp. In the case of Android, you will not be able to continue to have WhatsApp if you have Android 2.1 Eclair or Android 2.2 Froyo.

Are some good news for one side and bad on the other, because it is good that the users are updated. The new versions of Android are always better, especially more secure. And in figures, only affects 0.1 % of users, so that 1 out of every 1000 users will be affected.

Update to Android 2.3 in 2017 to continue using WhatsApp

you’ll have to make the leap to a new version of Android to enjoy WhatsApp in 2017. All this will be possible from Android 2.3 onwards.

bloggif_54f83da2089b2Our recommendation is that to upgrade or change your mobile. What you can and will make it better.

how to models of Android 2.1 and 2.2 here above, it is best that you ask us if your mobile phone is or is not one of those affected, because the list is quite long and there might be errors (many years have passed). You can see the version of Android that you have with this tuto fast.

What do you think of the topic? Do you think that you are one of those affected?

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