Lifestage: the Snapchat of Facebook aimed at users under the age of 21 years

lifestage-destacadaThe biggest social network in the world wants to to cover all areas possible, since younger users to older. However, in these last few months has noticed a drop in users under the age of 21 years, since many of them have gone on to to use Snapchat.

For this reason, Facebook has decided to launch Lifestage, an app that arrived for iOS at mid-year and finally found a available for Android. The app is directed to users under the age of 21 years and fully independent of Facebook, by this we mean that everything we post here will not appear on Facebook, although the app if you are part of the same company.

Lifestage: the Snapchat of Facebook-oriented adolescents

This application is the attack more brazen that Facebook could do against Snapchat. It is a application that lets you share your emotions, everything that is shared in this application is made by the emotions, if you’ve learned of a bad news, you’ll be able to enter in the section of “I don’t like” and share your emotion/reaction, for example.

From the app give us the option of power share selfies with our reactions, whether it be joy, sadness, etc charge of the design of the application has only 19 years, so that we can get an idea of because just is aimed at users in this age range.

facebook-lifestage-app-iosLifestage knows that all schools/institutes there are large groups of friends or acquaintances, therefore wants to allow them to be building communities which can unite all the users of the center.

What happens to the rest of the users? Very simple, all those users “older”, and with the word greater, we refer to people with age higher than allowed in the application, shall access forbidden to this new social network. However, if you want to create a profile only will be able to visit his own, without being able to access profiles of other users.

lifestageBy the time the application only available in united States. Gradually coming to the rest of the countries, but up to the moment you leave a link to APKMirror in which is located the APK file of the application, if you are curious and want to try it.

APKMirror | Lifestage

What do you think of this new app? What will rob users to Snapchat?

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