LG confirms that it will mount a screen 5.7-inch 2K on the LG G6

LG it seems that this year has entered the ring and is going to stop innovating for their G-series and will post it safe. Yes, people want to mobile with a simple design, without the added, powerful camera and perfect performance. That is the only thing that people want and it seems that LG is going to do this year.

In the latest leaks had speculated on a LG G6 non-modular, which LG has already confirmed but now LG has confirmed and submitted, a new screen Quad HD + that will be used in the LG G6, which will be presented at MWC 2017. Yes, this new screen of 5.7 inches has a format 18:9 and will feature a resolution of 1440 x 2880 that will extend its pixel density up to about 564 per inch.

LG G5 stand

The new screen from LG, a LG G6, which adapts to the current times

Just look at this photo of the old stand that LG chose MWC 2016, and that this year will renew you for filing a new top of the range, a powerful LG G6, which is expected to sell a few million units before the eclipse of the Galaxy S8.

According to LG the new aspect ratio, more broadband, will allow for an experience more immersive. In addition to that claim that multi-tasking has greater relevance in this display format. Yes, LG claims that despite the size and resolution of the new panel spends 30% less energy than the previous and looks perfect in the foreign.

More efficient, better resolution and touch response perfect

LG has also added the new technology LG in-Touch that enhances the tactile response of the terminal and the QuadHD will give greater value to the terminal, providing a definition that differ from the other panels mobile.

LG Display claims the new panel is only 1 mm thick with bevels side of 0.2 mm thickness and a thickness of 0.54 mm at the bottom. The screen also require no cover glass and that helps to lower the width of the terminal. Whenever lack least to its official presentation, for the LG G6 it looks good.

Source | Android Beat