Learn how to use the id card on Instagram

The most popular social network of the moment, Instagram added a new tool so that users can add friends using the phone’s camera. This new feature takes the name of “Nametags” and from a couple of days, it can be used on Instagram for Android and iOS.

here Today we are going to explain step by step how to make use of this new function. That yes, keep in mind that their usefulness may be quite limited, because the only thing that does is to provide an extra function at the time of add to a friend to our account of Instagram.

How to use the new id cards

The use of these cards is very simple, as it does not need to be an expert in Instagram to be able to take advantage of this new feature. To be able to create a new identification card, you’ll need to follow the tutorial below:

  1. The first thing is to update Instagram, if you have not updated the application.
  2. Opens the social network from your mobile.
  3. Go to the profile.
  4. In the upper right corner you’ll see the three little lines in the settings.
  5. Tap these lines.
  6. you Will have the option of “id Card”.
  7. When you click there, you will see the option “Create id card and customize it”.
  8. will Appear three options: change the background color, add smilies, or add a selfie.
  9. once you have chosen the card, you’ll need to save it or send it to a contact.
  10. This card will act as if it were a QR code, and the focus it will add that person.

How to add someone with Instagram Nametag

This is a question that many have been made to view this feature. We will explain step-by-step what you need to do to be able to add to someone using these new cards:

  1. Opens the application.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Then go to “identification Card”.
  4. Press down on the option “Scan card”.
  5. With the camera you have to focus on the card and automatically detects the profile.
  6. In seconds will allow you to add that person to your list of followers.

As you can see, to use the new feature of Instagram is not complicated. While it is not a utility as “necessary” as others that provides the social network for a long time, it is more than okay to have an extra option for add followers to our account.

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